ID # 16659798

Yamaha EF2200IST

Dealer Price $1,599 CAD
The new EF2200iST offers 2,200 watts of superior, confident power output and world-class Yamaha reliability for the RV, the job site, home backup, tailgating, or anywhere else you need clean, portable power. POWER
The EF2200iST's genuine 79 cc OHC Yamaha engine features a cast-iron cylinder lining and other advanced materials and technologies for years of worry-free and reliable operation. VERSATILITY
The EF2200iST is the perfect fit for the home, cottage, racetrack or job site! Charge sensitive home electronics with the built-in 12-volt outlet, or for big jobs, combine two units together with the twin-tech cable to double the potential power output. TWIN TECHNOLOGY
For big jobs, combine two units together with the Twin Tech cable to increase the power output to 3,600 watts!
  • The EF2200iST inverter generator boasts a rugged design with a powerful high-output Yamaha MZ80 engine.
  • The EF2200iST is fitted with Yamaha Quiet Technology. Its quiet operation allows you to have a conversation and not even realize it's running. (57-65 dBA)
  • The EF2200iST offers high power, sophisticated quiet technology, rich features and a rugged design. It weighs a mere 25 kg (44 lb), and with the tri-handle design is easy to transport.
  • If you need more power, the EF2200iST has a convenient Twin Tech parallel function allowing you to connect two EF2200iST units together to provide 30 amps of rated power.
  • A new design makes moving around the campsite or worksite a breeze with the tri-handle design - designed for two people to easily move the unit..
  • Starting and stopping the unit is simple now with a Yamaha Smart Dial.
  • Long Run Time - The EF2200iST features Smart Throttle, a load-sensing rpm control that allows greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction by automatically adjusting engine speeds to match the load. It will run up to 10.5 hours at 1/4 rated load on a tank of gas.
  • The all new LED-illuminated control panel makes it easy to check the status of your generator both day and night. The control panel features a multi-function display as well as an illumination light that cascades over the entire control face of the unit for easier low light operation.
  • Integrated into the control panel is a regulated DC socket outlet allowing more devices to easily connect to the generator.
  • In the event of a power overload, the EF2200iST features an Overload Power Reset enabling the device to restore power without shutting the unit down by holding down the reset button for up to three seconds.
  • The EF2200iST features the Yamaha Easy Carburetor Drain that allows you to empty the fuel from the carburetor to help prevent stale fuel problems and prepare the unit for long term storage.
  • Fuel gauge - allows fuel level to be seen at-a-glance.
  • The Yamaha EF2200iST inverter generator supplies clean, high power output featuring Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with its inverter system.


Sale Type
Brushless Inverter
Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI)
Starting System
Manual Recoil
Fuel Level Gauge
Engine Oil Capacity
0.32 L
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)
4.7 L
Noise Level (@ 7 Metres)
65 dB
Oil Watch Warning System
Operating Hours (@ 1 / 4 Load)
10.5 hrs
Operating Hours (@ Rated Load)
4.2 hrs
Maximum AC Output (watts / Amperes)
2,200 W / 18.3 A
Non-Fuse Circuit Breaker System (NFB)
Rated AC Output (watts / Amperes) - Continuous Use
1,800 W / 15 A