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Stihl KM 131 R - Powerhead only

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Stihl KM 131 R Powerhead only Our most powerful KombiEngine for professional use.

STIHL’s most powerful 4-MIX™ professional use low-emission engine in the KombiEngine line-up. Updates include a larger fuel tank for 30% longer run times along with improved handling and control.

KM 131 R
Sale Type
Technical Data
Power Output KW
Displacement (cc)
Weight (kg / Lbs) / Without KombiTool And Fuel
4.4 / 9.7
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You can always rely on STIHL to keep setting new benchmarks this time with 4-stroke mixed lubrication technology. The STIHL 4-MIX engine, which runs on a fuel-oil mix just like a 2-stroke, offers the benefits without the compromises of 4-stroke power. STIHL 4-MIX engine technology provides fast acceleration, more power, added torque, lower noise, reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency to complete jobs quickly, quietly and more easily.*1uqwvv9*_ga*Mzk1OTMxODY4LjE1ODg3OTE4NzI.*_ga_G8ZD67Y14Z*MTY0MzIwMDQ3OC41OC4xLjE2NDMyMDEyMzAuNg..&_ga=2.31235583.1576234527.1642775174-395931868.1588791872 Decompression system

The decompression valve allows some of the compression pressure in the cylinder to escape, so less force on the starter rope is needed.

Stihl KM 131 R Powerhead only Quick-release coupling

The quick-release coupling allows the KombiSystem to be quickly dismantled into two parts for easy transport and storage – and then re-assembled quickly without tools.

Stihl KM 131 R Powerhead only Loop handle (R)

The loop handled grass trimmers and brushcutters are ideal for working in areas where space is limited, e.g. thinning between bushes and shrubs.